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Why You Should Not Purchase Likes On Facebook

Having a Facebook page for your business can be extremely beneficial. It establishes another outpost for you business on the web, drives traffic to your website, improves your SEO, allows you to engage with your community easily (and for free), connects your staff directly to your customers and fans, strengthens customer relations, provides a breeding ground and platform for brand evangelists, allows you to listen to and observe your clients to improve your business and there are always ROI-related metrics readily available via Facebook's Page Insights. For your business to take full advantage of these benefits - you have to have a following. You have to have Likes. 

From the very start, Facebook engagement has been centered around the Like button. The Facebook Like button is the easiest and quickest way someone can show appreciation of a post or a page. This is the key purpose of the Like button: by clicking Like, users are saying they are happy to see a business’s page content in their News Feed - potentially leading to more engagement, a higher reach and leads for your business. Having a large following on social media platforms also gives potential customers a sense of security. 

As an example, I'll use a landscaping company. Let's say you are looking for the best landscaping company in your location. You've never hired anyone for this job before, and you're having a hard time finding someone you trust that can give you a personal recommendation. So the first thing you do is hit the web. You search for landscaping companies in your city and state. You find two companies that offer the services you need. You visit both of their web pages, and then move on to their Facebook pages to check reviews and to scan through some of their content to get a better feel for the companies. One page has very little content, 200 likes and no reviews. The other companies page has many five-star reviews, a lot of content and engagement from followers (comments, discussion on articles posted, etc.) and 2k+ page likes. Which company do you choose? 9 out of 10 times customers are going to choose the company that has more likes, reviews and content on their page. 

Facebook, along with other social media platforms, has become an extremely strong marketing tool. With all of it's benefits, it isn't hard to see why creating a large following on these platforms has become such a goal for so many businesses. This leads us to the most common question I see today "Should I buy Likes?". There are many people who have decided to cash in on today's high demand for page Likes. Websites like Fiverr allow users to list their professional services for affordable prices beginning at $5. There are countless users offering the service of getting your page x amount of Likes for prices ranging between five and fifty dollars. I know that 2,000 Likes for $20 may sound enticing, but in all actuality, buying Likes can destroy every goal you're hoping to achieve through social media. 

So many people are falling victim to these services simply because they do not understand how Facebook's algorithm works. When you purchase Likes from Fiverr,, etc. - the Likes you have purchased are from fake inactive accounts. Facebook’s algorithm uses the EdgeRank system to measure how much organic reach updates receive. The more inactive fans a Facebook Page has, the lower the EdgeRank score, resulting in reduced organic reach. Since you have just bought 5,000 fake Facebook fans, 95% of your followers will never engage and your EdgeRank has been destroyed.

Purchasing Likes will also skewer your pages analytic's. One of the benefits of managing a Facebook Page (as I mentioned above) is the data it collects on followers. Data such geographical location of fans, gender, interests, age demographics and much more. When you pay for Likes - all measurable data is useless.

There are many ways to get Likes organically. You can ask friends to like your business page and invite their friends to like it. You can put your Facebook page in your email signature, create valuable content that will attract people and promote your business and place your page in the persona description on your personal page. Another way to get more followers is simply by purchasing ads which can generate likes, leads and sales. There is no shortcut to marketing in general, and the same goes for social media marketing as well. Take your time and grow your fan base, there are amazing programs and people that can teach you how to do so such as Amy Porterfield and Brian Moran

Take your time, keep your Likes organic and you will see results.  


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