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10 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Presence

Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining website traffic, or attention through social media sites. Social media marketing programs usually center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it across their social networks. This results in a electronic word of mouth that has the potential to make or break your business. Having a good or great social media presence can help your business grow tremendously. Check out our ten ways to grow your social media presence below.

1.  Identify Goals and Objectives

The first step in growing your social media presence is to identify your goals and objectives. This means you need to make sure you know what you are going after- before you start posting. Make sure you know how each platform works, what audiences you can reach, where and what your objectives are. This will get you off to a great start.

2. Understand Audience Needs

Understanding what your audience needs will help you be able to interact with them on a more personal level. Knowing what they want to read about and what they believe in will help you understand what you need to give to them. Once you understand this, you can give the everything they want - which means bringing them to your website to see what your business is all about.

3. Share, Share, Share 

Share your social media accounts with everyone you know. Don’t spam - but don’t be afraid to share. By doing this, they will know you have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and they can share them with everyone they know. This is a easy way to get the word out. 

4. Engage with Everyone

You want to engage with those who post on your social media pages. This means when someone posts something, talk back to them. Let them know you are reading what they are posting and you are listening to what they want. Then, give them more of what they want to keep them posting on your pages.

5. Create Valuable Content

You also want to ensure you are creating the most valuable content - not only into your blog but also on your social networking accounts. Having the best content helps showcase your business and website, which brings in more customers and more money.

6. Include the Icons on Your Website

Make sure to include the icons of your social media networks on your personal/company website. This will make it easier for those coming to read your stuff to like and follow you. Make it simple for them to connect with you. Notice the icons in the top right side of our homepage. 

7. Interact Often

Let your audiences see a more personal side. This means interacting on your social media accounts often. Very often! This doesn’t mean just throwing up a link to your article and hoping someone will read it or click on it. This means really getting on there and interacting with everyone. Respond to posts from your audience and interact when they show interest. Show them who you are and your audience will feel more connected to you - and they will want to read other articles or visit your website. Don't use scripted responses.

8. Optimize your Accounts

Optimizing your social media accounts means using keywords. Use the keywords that go with your business, services, etc. Think of what your customers are looking upon Google, Yahoo! or other search engines, and use those keywords in your posts.

9. Try to Steer Clear of Outsourcing

Try to post on your blog, website, and social media accounts yourself. This will give you an authentic look. If you do decide to outsource, make sure it is to someone who has a similar voice to yours. You want to make sure that any content you post from other websites, or social media pages is relevant to company's services,views or category.

10. Take CustomerService a Step Further

Make sure if someone has a problem, go above and beyond to help them reach a conclusion. If you do this, it will show you are doing your best to provide them with as much help as possible and they will realize you are a good person with a good business. This will make them want to come back.


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