Mobile Apps

We offer the possibility to create your ideal apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and many more platforms.

Web Sites

From basic information websites to online e-commerce sites, we can help with your business needs.

Web Applications

Offering the ability for applications to be used in any web browser, our web applications can greatly help keep your business less restricted.

Desktop Development

Using the rudimentary idea of computers, we like to develop desktop applications for one simple task: to make your job easier.

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About us

As a development company, we strive to keep the world as modern as possible. We enjoy seeing people using newer technologies to help them with day to day tasks.

This, however, can cause a problem for others. Some find it difficult to keep up with the rapid growth of technology, and as a result, constantly need help in updating their own forms of technology. One of the greatest examples can be websites.

Taking a look back to the times when the Internet was very new, it's easy to see how websites greatly differ from the way they look today. Our goal is to bring your business into the modern era.

With our help, we can assist in bringing new ideas to life. Whether it's that phone app you've dreamed of, but never could find the time to code, or that website that will greatly help improve business, but just seemed to cost too much.

Whatever the case, you have found the right place to look. Here at Slaglesoft, our goal is to make your ideas a reality with a hassle free experience. We guarantee that you will have the app or website you have dreamed of and that you will have a wonderful experience throughout the process.

Since the debut of smartphones, mobile apps have become very popular. From video games to local databases, mobile apps find a way to become useful.

With our assistance, we can easily and quickly create a phone app that you would like to see. Whether it be a small video game or a shopping cart for your business, we can find a way to create exactly what you had imagined.

Web sites make up the world. There is an estimated 4 zettabytes worth of information on the Internet, which is around 4 trillion gigabytes! This being said, there are billions of people on the internet every day, all of which are potential visitors of a website that could belong to you.

We are able to help by creating a website to show the exact specifications that you wish to see on your site and get it online for you at a reasonable cost.

The computer age has allowed us to complete jobs exponentially faster than ever before. However, sometimes, you may need to use a program when you don't always have access to your work computer.

With web applications, the boundaries that limit a program to a single computer can be brought down. We can help to build applications that you will be able to use through a web browser, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, to help you with your business needs.

Though Web applications can be very helpful, some people wish to keep all of their programs on a local computer. We can help out with that by creating a desktop application customized just the way you need to to be.

From the design specification that you would like to the exact functionality that is needed, we can help build a personalized program just for you.

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